Soul of the Typographer

My copy of Type Image by Barbara Brownie has arrived from Amazon! For some reason the corner is all dented, but luckily that does not affect the content, which of course includes my rendering that was named “Soul of the Typographer.” Here are a couple quick shots of the book!

Salmon-Zucchini Appetizers

For Fathers Day, I am heading over to Luke’s parents’ house for a barbecue- there’s nothing like steak, salad, and great weather and great company to make a perfect Sunday afternoon! I am planning to bring over the creamed kale that I made, along with some salmon-zucchini appetizers! These were inspired by a recipe (Salmon Rollups) in the Everyday Paleo cookbook, but I altered the recipe a bit because 1) I do not own a mandolin, 2) when I opened the can of salmon I realized there were bones- I picked out as many as I could, but I decided to puree it using the ninja instead of risking someone choke on a bone! and 3) the recipe was slightly bland and I like my food with a kick. Ingredients are in the pic above, except for the paprika and watercress I decided to add at the last minute! Simply drain the salmon (and remove bones/skin if applicable) and add to Ninja or food processor. Add about 1/2 tbsp dill, 1tbsp lemon juice, 1 tbsp EVOO, salt and pepper to taste, then blend into a puree. Slice zucchini into rounds (originally the recipe said to use a mandolin and slice […]

Creamed Kale

Knowing my obsession over food and recently, primal/paleo style nutrition, Lara and Lisa got me a couple books for my birthday including the Primal Blueprint Cookbook. Excited after my trip to the farmers market yesterday and needing to avoid diving back into wedding stuff for a few more hours, I decided to try out a couple recipes! I had everything except for heavy cream to make creamed kale, so I ran to Kings for a few small things then got to work! Ingredients: Bunch of kale Approx. 4 tbsp butter (preferably organic) 1 C. heavy cream (preferably organic) Salt & pepper Seasoning of your choice- suggested nutmeg or garlic I finally used my new cast iron wok (I already seasoned it!)- I can now say it is amazing and I luurve it (yes, I know it’s not tradition to use registry gifts before the wedding, but come on… I can’t not!). The recipe is very basic, and I only altered it slightly – it suggests seasoning with nutmeg, but I used garlic salt. To make this incredibly tasty dish, remove the cores from a stalk of kale and cut into rough chunks, and rinse/strain. Melt a few tbsp of butter […]

Meg & Erik’s Wedding – May 29, 2011

Anticipation had been building for two years, escalating dramatically in the last few weeks, before the fairytale wedding of Meg and Eric. Erik is Karen’s brother, and so I have been getting to know the couple over the last couple years. They are so genuinely in love and made for each other! I was really excited to learn that Luke and I would be invited to their wedding! Karen had mentioned it would be nice if I shot a few photos during the ceremony so they could see some right away (as we know, it can be weeks until you get professional photos back!). I was nervous because I didn’t want anyone to be annoyed with me and I didn’t know if the request came from Meg, but when I texted Karen the morning of the wedding, she replied “Pictures definitely allowed.” In that case, I figured I’d go all out! The ceremony was absolutely beautiful… Here are some of my favorites, starting with Sara, Lauren and Karen during the processional: Gorgeous bouquets in Meg’s favorite color! Erik’s first look at Meg… he was so excited! Meg- so beautiful!!! And what a dress… she looked amazing! The lighting in the […]

Primal Stir-Fry

Remember that awesome roast Luke made on the grill? Well, it was huge and we had leftovers. For lunch the next day I tossed slices in with some peppers, onions, bamboo shoots & water chestnuts for a healthy and delicious stir-fry!

Benji & Misty

Obviously I am falling behind on the blog, but trust me, there has been no shortage of picture making! Plenty more posts to come, but for now here are some pictures of Misty (English Setter) and Benji (Jack Russell) – the old dogs – from when we babysat the pups a few weeks ago…